I. What is the Parallel Mode Process (PMP)?

The PMP is a process for creating, stabilizing, and developing the peak human experience known as “flow,” or “the zone.   Traditionally, flow is thought to be impossible to reproduce intentionally, occurring by chance, not by choice.  The PMP radically changes that thinking through a step-by-step process in which the athlete learns to intentionally create the flow state, then to stabilize that flow state in athletic competitions, life situations, and business relationships.

And the PMP works immediately.  There is no waiting period in which the athlete must go through a preparatory phase before flow can be experienced.  The first step of the PMP involves the immediate creation of the flow experience, so the process begins with flow itself.  The premise being: the only way to experience flow is through first-person experience, and the PMP shows you exactly how to create that first-person flow experience by choice, rather than waiting for it to happen by chance.

II. Who benefits from the PMP?

The PMP is a step-by-step process for intentionally creating flow, and because the flow experience is a human experience, it’s numerous benefits can be experienced by all humans, all ages, all genders, skill levels, cultural backgrounds, and stages of development.  Flow benefits all of humanity, and the PMP is a process for the intentional creation of flow, therefore, the PMP is of benefit to all humanity, most notably to athletes and coaches in any and all sports, to established businesses and entrepreneurial startups, and to those individuals simply seeking flow in their lives.

III. How does the PMP work?

Simply stated, the PMP works by directly connecting the sensorimotor operating system to the spatiotemporal dimension of the flowing present.  Thus the term “flow.”  The steps of the PMP are designed to teach the student or coach how to intentionally make this sensorimotor connection to the flowing present dimension, and then how to stabilize that connection – called a “parallel interface” – through a series of developmental practices that require the use of a parallel interface, thus training the sensorimotor operating system to maintain its connection to and interface with the flowing present dimension.

The intentional creation of a parallel interface between the sensorimotor operating system and the spatiotemporal dimension of flowing presence acts to directly connect the human operating system to the underlying spatiotemporal dimension of the flow experience – which is the spatiotemporal dimension of flowing presence.

In short, the PMP teaches you how to intentionally create flow.  By teaching you how to intentionally connect to its underlying spatiotemporal dimension – the dimension of flowing presence.  Flow and flowing presence are one and the same, and the experience of flow, cannot and will not occur without the creation of this parallel interface between operating system and flowing presence.

The PMP teaches you how to immediately and intentionally create this parallel interface, and, in so doing, to immediately and intentionally create the flow experience in your sport, in your business, and in your daily life.