Scott has devoted his entire professional career to understanding and mastering the zone in tennis. His training system is both effective and practical. His approach clearly demonstrates the importance of visualization in achieving peak performance.
— Dr. Jim Loehr, author of "The Power of Full Engagement"

Peak Performance Redefined

The concept of helping players reach their potential is a lofty goal for any instructor  Because true player-potential is defined by so many intrinsic and extrinsic factors, a tennis player must look beyond the idiosyncrasies of stroke technique and methodology to achieve personal success and move closer to their true playing potential  Likewise, instructors must be in tune with the best patterns that move players forward in progressive improvement  

This is where Scott Ford’s book, “Welcome to the Zone,” fills the often common void that ties technical aspects of tennis with the patterns associated with the mental processes that players need to master for ultimate success The Parallel Mode Process that Scott Ford has developed and tested is truly a practical means to maximize performance in both achieving higher levels of stroke production as well as competing at optimal levels  In my 35 years of teaching tennis I’ve never had a process that is not only effective for ALL levels of players, but one that is an easily achievable method to understand and apply by all students

The steps which Scott outlines in this book will indeed have a profound effect on players as they train, as they practice, and as they compete I encourage every player—and coach—to study the tenants that Scott has detailed and prescribed within these pages  Through his insatiable thirst for developing championship competitors, Scott has diligently pursued higher consciousness as well as on-court evaluation to the point that such advice is pure performance magic! I have used his Parallel Mode Process in nearly every lesson over the past eight years since I first learned these patterns and tools from Scott  I’ve seen the advantages such insights have provided my students on the learning court  

But, perhaps more enlightening, I’ve witnessed the response of students who employ these same methods in competitive play  Such responses have been resounding…if not literally enlightening for so many Give this information the attention it deserves  You certainly won’t regret the time spent  And you WILL certainly see the results in your game

David W  Smith Senior Editor, TennisOne com                                                                    Author, TENNIS MASTERY & COACHING MASTERY                                                       Dunlop Master Professional USPTA