For years I have been trying to find out how you can create flow, and now, for the first time, Scott has clearly outlined the process. This is a significant breakthrough for all athletes in all sports; the Parallel Mode Process is a step forward in the evolution of sport. I have had athletes on a number of occasions tell me that they had experienced the effortless flow state, but until Scott’s excellent book it was all a mystery as to how it was achieved.
— Jimmy Joy, Author of The Quantum Sculler

Here’s my opening presentation at the 2018 Sports, Energy & Consciousness Sports Festival

Here’s a quick interview I did with Mark Susnow on his podcast “Inspire Possibility.”

Jeff Salzman talks with Scott Ford, author of Integral Consciousness in Sport: Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit Through Flow. Check out Jeff's podcast at The Daily Evolver.

This is the mini-demo I gave at the 2nd Annual SEC Sports Festival at Dominican University of California.  The subject was body-mind unification and flowing presence.

The SEC Sports Festival - June 23-25, 2017, Dominican University, San Rafael, CA

On the developmental path of "Growing Up" by Ken Wilber


Integral philosopher Ken Wilber talks about the developmental path of "Waking Up" through playing sports "in the zone."