I can remember, to this day, that first moment when I experienced the feeling, sensation, and, seemingly to me, complete transformation of “getting in the zone.” With Scott’s guidance, I had “fallen” into something that I had only experienced accidentally a few times in my life. By changing my order of priorities while playing based on my perception of what Scott was asking me to do, it felt like a hidden light switch suddenly became apparent that I was able to switch on. That switch put me in a state of mind and consciousness that was the deepest I had ever experienced, yet the most profoundly in the present that I had ever felt while playing tennis. I was so overwhelmed by the depth of that first experience, I realized that for me, this was the approach that I was looking for my entire life in sport.
— Kendall Chitambar, Director of Tennis, Director of Player Development, Rocky Mountain Tennis Center

Author, clinician and performance specialist, Scott has been a USPTA Professional since 1977.  He is the author of Design B: How To Play Tennis In the Zone (1984), Welcome To The Zone: Peak Performance Redefined (2014), and is a Founding Member of The Sports, Energy, and Consciousness Group as well as a contributing author to Sports, Energy, and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential Through Sport (2014). Scott has also written numerous articles that have appeared in TennisOne.com, ADDvantage Magazine, Sports Vision Magazine, and Colorado Tennis. His groundbreaking 2005 video, Welcome To TheZone gives an overview of the Parallel Mode Process – a process for accessing, maintaining, and competing “in the zone.”

Scott’s unique concepts of flow and the  zone have been presented at the prestigious USTA National Tennis Teachers Conference, USPTA World Congress on Tennis, the Canadian National Tennis Teachers Conference, and the 2000 Pre-Olympic Congress of Sports Science and Health in Brisbane, Australia. In 2008, Scott and Team Arete gave a presentation on Visual Dynamics in Combat to the Commandant and Senior Training Staff of the Navy SEALS in Virginia Beach, VA.

Look for his new book: Integral Consciousness and Sport: Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit Through Flow out now on Amazon.com. 

Scott lives and teaches in Denver/Boulder, Colorado